Previous works, as well as works in progress, include:

• The Theatre of Personality: Magical Self-Fashioning in The Tempest and Dr. Faustus (included in the second edition of Clavis Journal)

Magic or Mysticism? Getting Lost in a Familiar Part of the Woods (blog post for Clavis Journal)

• Getting Lost in a Familiar Part of the Woods: A Brief Encounter With a Wild Place (Appalachia Journal – Winter/Spring 2017)

• Power, Tradition, and the Road to Postmodern Magical Practice: An Examination of Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley (included in the inaugural edition of Aeon Sophia Press‘s journal, “The Thirteenth Path”)

• Dreaming Green: D. H. Lawrence and Environmental Ideology (MA dissertation)

• Against the Decadent Grain: The Role of Nature in Arthur Machen’s The Hill of Dreams

• Spirituality as Product in New Age Culture

• Turn Your Phone Off: The Power of Resistance and Reflection for Psychic Health

4 Ways To Take Control Of Your Food

• In The Woods At Night

4 Occult Techniques To Boost Your Creativity

3 Ways To Recognize Spiritual Charlatans

Legacy of the Witch: Interview with Kristen Korvette and Christiana Key

How To Discover Yourself With A Descent Into The Underworld

John Cleese’s 5 Master tips on Art and Magick

5 Artists and Writers into Mysticism and the Occult

Essential Terms of the Western Esoteric Tradition


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