A selection of tracks spanning the years 2004 – 2017

All artwork by Aaron Piccirillo, except:

Zig Zag (Synesect Remix) – Artwork by Leurre

Wooden Winged – Artwork by Albert Gray

Heat – Artwork by Vanessa Irena

Image used for Dreaming Green: “The Beguiling of Merlin” by Edward Burne-Jones


All music written and recorded by Aaron except:

Blue Rooms EP – Written by Aaron and Vanessa Irena

Blue Rooms (Public Memory Edit) – Remixed by Robert Toher

The Lovers (a place both wonderful and strange remix) – Remixed by Russ Marshalek and Niabi Aquena

Heat – Written by Dave Ball and Marc Almond

Subdivision – Written by Soviet, remixed by Aaron and Vanessa Irena

Zig Zag (Synesect Remix) – Written and recorded by Robert Toher, remixed by Aaron